The purpose of Community Advancement is to serve as advocates & mentors to the mentees we serve while providing a free curriculum program offering comfort, guidance, support, and educational opportunities for them. We strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere where mentees feel ok to talk and discuss everyday issues they may have to deal with in a group setting among peers their age.

The Goals are as follows;

1. To positively impact mentees personal development & create an environment where they feel comfortable enough to discuss issues among their peers

2. To promote community involvement

3. To positively impact mentees academic achievement

4. To provide positive role models

5. To reduce high-risk or delinquent behaviors among mentees

6. To provide awareness concerning bullying & gang involvement

7. To expose mentees to different cultures & activities

8. To provide healthy eating & lifestyles

9. To positively impact career opportunities for mentees through job searching skills & mock interview sessions

10.To prepare mentees for college through visitation to different colleges throughout Southeastern NC